Let’s keep quality education here

I would like to share my experience attending Marshalltown Community College with hopes that you would also share your support in the upcoming bond referendum on April 2. My first experience with MCC came as a child when I was a mini cheerleader at home basketball games, I always thought how cool it would be to go to school there. Little did I know at that time just how instrumental this college would be.

I first started taking dual credit classes while at East Marshall High School. This opportunity allowed me to get a jump start on my secondary education and save money while I was trying to figure out what path to take in life. Upon high school graduation, I decided to seek education elsewhere but little did I know that I would end up right back where I started.

I chose to come home and pursue an education in nursing. I chose MCC for its outstanding nursing programs and down to earth feel. MCC is full of wonderful educators that truly want to see their students reach their dreams. I have now since graduated from MCC and work here at the local hospital. MCC played a pivotal role in my growth and development into providing quality nursing care right here at home. Let’s keep quality education local and vote yes on April 2.


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