Jury exemption should be allowed for caregiving

I’m writing this in regards to my jury service that I was scheduled for Tuesday morning. I showed up with my three 2.5-year-old triplets because my excuse for not having a sitter was denied and I am the primary caregiver to my children. I understand that some people try to get out of this for no logical reason which is why I respectfully showed even though I do not have a reliable sitter.

Multiple people told my children they needed to be quiet and we were quickly escorted out and told to wait outside until a judge could see me. A female worker came out to check on us and to get my name since they couldn’t hear over my kids. It started to rain and I was told unless my kids could be quiet that we needed to remain outside and near the building in case my name was called despite the fact it was raining.

I did what any other mother would do in this position and loaded my kids in my car. I’m also self employed and run a daycare out of my home, and I had kids that were going to arrive at 11 a.m. I figured out of respect I’d show proof that I do not have a reliable sitter and hopefully be sent home in time for my daycare kids to arrive — which was not the case. I was completely disrespected by the staff and crying in hardship that any human being would allow a mother and her three toddlers to wait out in the rain. I’m crying in hardship that I will have to serve time due to me not staying to be disrespected and treated like crap, and mostly putting my daycare kids’ families at risk for losing their own job.


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