Narrative about climate change is untrustworthy

In Monday’s TR, an excellent point of view was expressed by Erick Erickson on page A4 concerning big media biases. In my many decades of reading and observation, I agree with the writer that the New York Times and others are more interested in the narrative than the truth. Stinky is still smelly even if it is disguised as politically correct.

I also agree that social media is becoming more and more untrustworthy. Here is where local newspapers shine by covering issues more down to earth that are important to and impact people’s lives daily. Keep up your local impact stories.

Then to help prove the above point about bias in reporting, the Associated Press story on climate talks, page A7, is a perfect example of support for the narrative rather than digging deeper for facts. The AP story clings to the false narrative that the climate, or global warming, is tied to the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, as if there is a switch on earth’s very complex short-term weather cycles and geologically long-term climate variations that mankind can turn off or on at will. Humans are powerless against those huge forces of nature that allow us to live and as we must adapt to whatever conditions prevail on planet earth.

H. Sterling Burnett, in his piece of June 18 in Townhall, finds facts to support contentions that rising sea levels are not the scary scenario some activists want us to believe. There is no correlation between changes in sea levels and rising carbon dioxide levels. Twenty thousand years ago, ocean levels may have been at least 300 feet, or more, lower than they are today. Why? Because so much water was locked up in glaciers. When glaciers melted due to normal and cyclic return of inter-glacial warm periods, ocean waters increased to where they are today. None of the rise of oceans from 20,000 years ago has anything to do with man-kind. It has everything to do with earth’s natural history over long periods of geologic time.

Big media may try to keep telling us common folk lies in hopes that we may start to believe those untruths. However, lots of people remain very skeptical for good reason primarily because big media has cried wolf too many times on all kinds of topics. We don’t trust them. We don’t like being lied to. Truth matters.