Terrible conditions for immigrant children are appalling

rible conditions the immigrant children are experiencing in Texas, Florida and other states.

This whole situation has been so poorly handled from the beginning. In many cases, we don’t even have an accurate count of how many children are being held or such basic information as their parents’ names or current locations. Some say there are several thousand children who are being held in these facilities.

The animals in our local shelters are being treated far better than these children. They have plenty of nutritious food and clean water. They have space to move around and not feel crowded and/or threatened by the other dogs. They get love and attention – so they will not feel frightened or neglected.

These children are lacking all of those basic needs. It doesn’t take a child psychology degree to predict these kids (no matter what their age) will suffer permanent psychological damage from this experience.

I believe that this travesty will go down in history as one of the most un-American policies we’ve ever carried out. Congress – please put politics aside and address this priority issue immediately. We are dealing with human lives – not animals and there is certainly a better way to handle this situation.


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