Choose to follow God

Looking over my desktop, I see many pieces of paper with notes scribbled on them. Those notes indicate hours of data collecting; mostly about Biblical matters. I keep thinking that I ought to clean up the place but as soon as I do, there is an old man living here who just adds more clutter — he looks a lot like me. Perhaps this is why his wife wants him to keep his computer in the basement. Since I don’t want all my studies to just lay silent and dormant, I keep doing stories about life and why God is so important — especially in these terrible times we live in. Scripture is so clear on how we should live and be thankful for what we have. Now, I could clean up the computer table top and throw the trash into the garbage can: there is a similar operation for the computer. Unused information can be discarded and swept into the “trash-can” area, then disposed of in orderly fashion. If I allow too much trash to build up, it slows down the operation of the computer. A similar event happens in our Spiritual lives. Misplacing the internal work of the Holy Spirit will slow down the most important part of our being alive: hearing and doing what the Spirit offers. The Spirit reveals to us who God is and what is expected of every person. By the time we die, humanly that is, we will have enough true-information where we can make that important decision. Will I ask for forgiveness and place my trust in an unseen but omnipresent God? Did I store enough info in my spiritual computer to wisely choose Jesus as my Savior? Hosea 6:1-6 has an interesting story. God’s people, the Jews, made a pledge centuries earlier to be obedient and worship Him continually. That did not last long. Hosea was just another preacher sent to tell the news of their judgment. Since the people didn’t willingly remember God, they would have to accept the consequences. Israel would lose its lands, crops and wealth. Can we deny that God is trying to correct America? Are we aware that we might be condemning ourselves by our sins? The lesson of the Old Testament is the lesson for us today. Everyone alive was created for fellowship with God; we must recognize that and seek him. Eternal life depends on it.