Thank you Marshalltown

On Aug. 26, the Marshalltown Police Department began the official move into the new fire and police building. What a beautiful building it is. The list of people directly responsible for planning and designing this project is too long to mention here. The list of people who worked tirelessly to support this project is also long. We will forever be grateful to these folks for all of their commitment to this important project. We had a great project team. Like most projects in Marshalltown, this was a community effort. This building project happened because the community supported it and voted for it. This building belongs to Marshalltown and I am confident Marshalltown will be very proud of what they have built.

The new building at 909 S. Second St. will be open for business by Aug. 29. There will be upcoming opportunities to tour the new building. Stay tuned for more details. Thank you Marshalltown for always supporting public safety! Thank you for making this building project happen! It is truly a blessing to be able to call Marshalltown home.


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