The Lord is coming

Isaiah was one of the few preachers the Lord could rely on. God was pretty set on showing some justice to his people. From the beginning of sin, the world has waited for the day of “The coming of the Lord.” The Jews believed that in that moment, God would destroy the world and make right all the wrong things happening here. Isaiah knew that God was going to bring Justice so he tells the people using God’s ideas.

Sinful people do not want to repent or change their way of living, but that is what God asks of us. The heavenly message to Isaiah was, “someone has to be accountable to tell the World that God expects humans to live a Holy life — a vision that reflects who God is.”

Another preacher God used was Ezekiel who would preach 100 years later than Isaiah. When Ezekiel wrote these words the Northern kingdom had already fallen. God is getting ready to show his people they cannot continue to sin and get away with it.

As a nation, Israel had made a covenant with Him, through Abraham, but they had never kept it. In Ezekiel 37 God is telling him what will happen to their nation. Israel had been spiritually dead for many centuries. If the people refused to repent, the Southern half of the Kingdom would not survive either. History tells us they did not repent or survive. In chapter 37 of Ezekiel, God is giving a prediction and promise that Israel will be born again but not for a long time.

The “Dry bones” is a two-pointed promise. Had the Jews repented through Ezekiel they could have been restored earlier. As it was, Israel continued to sin, even allowing the unbelievers to kill the Messiah. The dry bones reflects Israel’s dead spirituality, which continues until this very day. But the time is coming when it will be reinserted as God’s people, becoming the Forth-tellers of the Gospel. That is in the book of Revelation.

What does this parable mean to us? We have the same choice as the Jews. Do you believe that Jesus came, lived and died for our sins? If so, confess that to Him and know He forgives us. It is no secret that the forth-tellers of today’s Gospel have a message for us and it is the same, repent and change.


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