Christmas: Remembering the birth of a savior

he most important season of any in the world. It is the time when the world will celebrate Christmas, while remembering the birth of a child. Not just any child but the one who stepped out of the throne room of Heaven, to be our savior.

Christmas starts right after Thanksgiving. Stores have their sales trying to draw customers to their products. But it is the human heart where the story begins. We have hopes and desires that light up our imaginations with memories of the past. When we were born, we did not come with any instructions on how to live. We had to rely on others to tell us, to show us and to lead us to the truth. According to Scripture, we were created with a body that has a missing part. We are asked to believe that God is that missing component.

The Messiah has many names, some which are “The head of the Church,” “Christ as God,” “Christ the High Priest,” “Christ the King,” “Christ the Prophet” and “Christ the Mediator.” Jesus is everything in one and it is the responsibility of each person to find Him and believe in Him.

The Old Testament folks lived under the Law but since Christ, we live under faith or belief. Christ is the creator. He made us Perfect for this earth!

Nathan Meyers of Bible Helps said “hope is one of the most important things in the human heart; hope gives us courage to live. Hope is the expectation that, what is desired, will come. Hope promises that something will happen.”

Solomon found out that all the happiness he enjoyed in life, did not completely satisfy. Everything he did to try to achieve lasting pleasure, was fruitless.

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon finally realized his hope was in Heaven. He believed that one day, all men and women will stand before God. So there is good reason to obey God’s commandments, now.

Harold Martin said: “In homes where Christ is given His rightful place and Christmas is viewed as a kind of wonder — the account of shepherds tending their flocks by night, the wise men traveling across the desert to see the Christ-Child and the newborn surrounded by cattle in a stable; the minds of children are filled with excitement and Christmas has a special radiance.”

From memory, we draw our own conclusions about this born-from-above-savior.


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