Put more pupil money into elementaries

There is an excellent article in the Dec. 1 paper about Tara Klass. I don’t know her, but she sounds like a great teacher and I know most Central Iowa schools have a lot of great teachers and we should because that’s whats important for us.

When Klass lists her biggest challenges, one is that she wishes the income for our schools would be more so the grade school teachers didn’t have to take their own money and pay for some of their student expenses. This is a common wish for grade school teachers in all our schools.

We get about $7,000 per pupil in Marshalltown Schools. I believe if we took some of the money that was going to college credits from the school budget and put it in the grade

school budget to help the teachers it would be better for our schools. I think we could have both programs, just a little more money could help the grades and we could still fund the college credit, only at a smaller amount.


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