Authoritarianism is fermenting

Since 1965 fighting for family farms and workers, I realized the underlying threat to democracy was the impulse of nations towards authoritarianism or fascism. I sensed that authoritarians would destroy all elements of human solidarity. Fear, confusion and division was their modus operandi to gain control over the masses.

Early European history spawned authoritarianism (The Inquisition) religious dogmatism and racism was a huge economic and social tool used by authoritarians. Persecution of the Jews and others who dared question church doctrine raged throughout Europe. That is why our Founding Father’s established a secular government with a Bill of Rights even though in America incipient fascism (racist attacks against Jews) continues today. It also must be recognized the genocidal slaughter of Native Americans and the slavery of Africans was an economic, social and political exercise in capitalist fascism with no apologies from religious or secular authorities.

History has displayed not only religious dogmatism but concentrated wealth (plutocracy) and land concentrated into fewer hands (aristocracy) were spawns of authoritarianism.

In America the impulse towards authoritarianism is fermenting. Land ownership is gradually moving towards aristocracy and human solidarity (unions) are severally weakened. There is massive concentrated wealth at the top. Religious extremist in the Republican Party and five conservative black robed scoundrels in the U. S. Supreme Court are undermining voting rights, women’s rights and impose their religious views by corroding the barriers between church and state. Our corrupt authoritarian (Trump) ignores the rule of law, he courts white Supremacy and supports torture. He belittles people with disabilities and mocks soldiers who got captured. He puts in place corrupt regulators who undermine our laws that protect our air, water and land.

President Trump and the lunatic fringe in the Republican Party threaten civil unrest if he is removed from office or fails to get re-elected, that alone is an impeachable offense. The Republican Party has fallen prey to the siren song of authoritarianism and willingly fall on Trump’s sword.

The razor thin rule of law against tyranny is up for grabs this election. Trump’s betting the forces of division, concentrated wealth (plutocrats) racism (white supremacy and privilege) and religious zealotry win against the forces of human solidarity and democracy.