Sanders voting portrays different beliefs

ie Sanders and his supporters are repeating the line that “we need to give everyone health care, we need single-payer, we need universal health care” more and more often.

As if repeating propaganda makes it true. However, it seems Bernie has a major personal problem on this issue — so if I may, let’s get in the time machine and go back to March 24, 2010 (Senate Vote No. 71).

The Senate was attempting to enroll all members of Congress in the Medicaid program. If it’s good enough for the poor, then it should be good enough for Bernie Sanders, right?

Bernard voted “nay” on that as he apparently doesn’t think Medicaid is a health care program he would like to be enrolled in.

A Progressive might retort, “That was because the Senate Was voting to waive all applicable budgetary discipline and it would raise the national debt.” Fair enough — however, Bernie Sanders (according to my calculations) voted 64 times in the 11O-114th Congresses to waive budgetary discipline.

Bernie Sanders is only concerned with overspending and deficits when it’s convenient, making him another typical politician. Although, his zeal for income redistribution and free stuff is hard to match.

So, why is Medicaid good enough for the poor, but not good enough for Bernard? Why is overspending only a big deal when it’s convenient?

Bernie Sanders may have resided in Washington a long time, but he has a lot to learn.


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