Trickle-down dried up 50 years ago

Just a few small examples of the obscene advantages enjoyed by the wealthy in our country. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon (a company I frequently use in order to save gas money re. shopping), who has an estimated worth of $110 billion dollars and paid no taxes, has nearly completed his newest mansion in Washington D.C., one with two elevators, 25 bathrooms and over 11 bedrooms.

Last year, Larry Culp, General Electric CEO (another member of the notoriously privileged national ‘Business Roundtable’) took in $15 million after freezing pensions of 20,000 GE workers in order to cut costs.

Boeing’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, remained head of Boeing for more than a year after the company’s first jetliner went down causing the deaths of 346 people. He took in $30 milllion in 2018 and may walk away from Boeing with another $60 million. This doesn’t even touch upon the massive loopholes allowing the wealthy to escape taxes through real estate and other investment write-offs.

The list goes on and on.

I, however, like the majority of other citizens of this great country, worked all my life, live at poverty level and pay taxes every year.

And many wonder why “A Revolution is brewing from below.” Go Bernie Go!


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