Iowans applauded for voting progressive

I applaud Iowans for having dared to choose progressive Democrat candidates.

In this country, we’ve been voting ‘cautious center’ for so long in hopes of attracting sensible moderates from both sides and it simply hasn’t worked. The far right has now built big momentum, even consuming the Republican Party, and they have succeeded in pulling others along with them.   

Trying to play the ‘center’ game has gotten Democrats pretty much nowhere every since Reagan… especially regarding the critical importance of environment and climate change issues, not to mention the grossly increasing gap between rich and poor. It’s truly time for us to change direction, to throw strong support to the far left, and to do so with zest and enthusiasm. Progressives are also attracting far more interest now with first-time youth voters, which is wonderful. Let’s give them something to fight for.    

If Trump does win again next time, at least perhaps we’ll have given the far right a run for their money rather having been caught sitting on folded hands yet once more, just hoping and praying for ‘some improvement’. 


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