Everyone is guilty before God

Ever since Adam and Eve’s failure in the Garden of Eden, humans have had to work with emotions that were not there in creation’s beginning. Sin allowed Satan to offer his violence as an alternative to God’s love. All kinds of feelings emerged. It was God’s love against the hostility of Satan.

Our creator cannot be anything that he is not. He is truth, love, peace, comfort, joy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and patience. Everything good is from God. Everything evil is a product of Satan.

In all ages, past and present, people have a tendency to believe we are better than we really are. It is hard for us to think that we are not good people, especially when we attend a church or become involved in our community work.

The apostle Paul had to confront the first-century church about their attitudes. In this Christian community there were Jews and gentiles. Both had different opinions. Paul challenged them by using Abraham as an example.

The very first covenant with Abraham and the Hebrew nation failed. Sin re-entered the people. In that early church, Hebrews believed that because of Abraham’s strong faith every person of that race did not need to repent, or change because Abraham covered their sins.

Paul began to tell them how wrong they were. Each person alive is responsible for their own sins and thoughts. After the cross, the risen Christ was the method of worship.

In his teaching, the apostle Paul had in mind that a selfish attitude does not fit in the spiritual community. The members must embrace the nature of Christ, always working to become loving and kind. Today, look at all the attention sought by actors, politicians, the learned community and those who seek self-adulation.

The book of Romans tells us in 4:25 humans are no longer connected by works; the old covenant is gone. The new, Christian covenant is measured in belief and faith in the Son of God.

In chapter five, faith brings perfect peace with God.

In chapter six, by faith alone, our sins are covered.

In chapter 11, Israel rejects its Messiah and the gospel.

God has offered us a place in His Kingdom.

Can we believe Him? Is eternal life worth a heavenly choice? God seeks us all through life that we might choose Him. Being kind to each other is a gift from God.


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