Show of support for some Black lives but not all

The recent T-R front-page article entitled “Show of support — citizens gather for Marshalltown Strong CommUnity event,” states that the organizers “sought to start a conversation about the issues of police brutality and systemic racism”.

There are currently more than 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers working in approximately 18,000 agencies in the United States. Last year USA Today produced the most comprehensive study of police conduct in recent years. Among their findings were statistics indicating that 99 percent of police officers never engage in abuse of force.

The myth touted as “systemic racism” has evolved from a convoluted sociological theory to a malignant political agenda perpetrated by those seeking to destroy our constitutional federal republic system of government.

By agitating Marshalltown residents regarding the statistically rare occurrence of police brutality and the malignant myth of “systemic racism” designed to tear American citizenry apart and thus destroy America; did the event organizers achieve Marshalltown CommUnity or CommDisunity?

The article stated that some speakers “spoke on using their privilege (aka ‘white privilege’) to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement”.

White privilege is a theoretical concept created and embraced by academia, that recently and rapidly has been co-opted and brought into the mainstream spotlight through social media campaigns such as Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter is a subversive and violent anti-police organization employing staged ‘protests’ designed to foment unrest intended to precipitate revolution. Two of the three co-founders are self-proclaimed “trained Marxists”.

According to “2018 Crime in the United States” statistics provided by the “Criminal Justice Information Services Division” of the “Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation”:

• Of the 2,925 Black murder victims in 2018, 2,600 were killed by a Black offender.

• In 2017, 2,970 Black murder victims, 2,627 of those committed by a Black offender.

• In 2016, 2,870 Black murder victims, 2,570 of those at the hands of a Black offender.

• In 2015, 2,664 Blacks murdered, 2,380 of those by another Black.                                                                                                          

The statistics presented above reveal that over one four-year time frame; 10,177 Black persons met their death at the hands of another Black person.

Do these Black lives matter?

Of course they do.

So why no demonstrations, no protest, no outrage, no insisting that “people must let their emotions move them to action,” not even a simple “start a conversation”?

All life is precious.

For those insisting to count in some Black lives; why the unwillingness to include all Black lives?


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