JBS invests $2.7 million to support local projects

Last week, food company JBS USA announced a commitment of $2.7 million to Marshalltown to address needs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and to invest in the future of our city as part of its Hometown Strong initiative.

I stand with other local leaders who welcome this investment in the long-term wellness of our community. It’s an important commitment — one that will drive positive change – and I am grateful that JBS continues to be a leader among the Marshalltown business community.

Along with providing Marshalltown with financial resources, this commitment is a call to action for all of us, including civic leaders and members of the community, to identify how we can all contribute to making our city an even better place to live, learn, work and play.

Beyond being the largest employer in Marshalltown, JBS has been focused on helping protect its employees and the greater community as we continue to fight against coronavirus, all the while keeping food on tables across America.

JBS has consistently gone above and beyond existing safety regulations, and, with this investment, it is further cementing its role as a steward of the Marshalltown community. This is not a surprise given JBS’ previous $1 million commitment to help us rebuild after the tornado two years ago, and millions spent to help air and water quality in our community.

So, thank you, JBS for your support. I hope it sparks other businesses and individuals to join in the conversation and commitment to continue strengthening our community.


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