Thank you Marshalltown

As July 19 gets closer, we recall, with gratitude, the people of Marshalltown. We lived at the Embers and were without a home. Passing other residents we heard about the generosity of the Willows. We managed to secure a room there and quickly picked up a few items we thought we would need, imagining we would be back home in a day or two.

Arriving at the Willows, we were welcomed by a wonderful family including their young boys and staff who went above and beyond to satisfy our needs. We were taken to our room and within minutes beds, bedding, towels, sheets and blankets were brought in – not to mention shampoo, soap, hair brushes, combs, tissues – anything and that we failed to pack. The word went out to the community and hot, delicious meals showed up along with delightful servers. This is just to say, once more THANK YOU! People of Marshalltown always have a warm spot in our hearts.


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