Vote in person Nov. 3

I completed and returned the U.S. Census 2020 information by mail many months ago. In fact, I returned it by mail just two days after I received it. I even watched my mail carrier collect the completed form from my mailbox.

Since then, I have received more than seven notices by mail saying I need to fill out a 2020 Census as they have not received one from me. I just received another notice as recently as July 22.

My original 2020 Census form was either lost in the mail, mishandled and destroyed, or just thrown away at some point because the U.S. Census Bureau says they never received my completed form.

Now the Census Bureau is threatening to come knock on my door to fill one out. Well I have news for them, I won’t answer the door. I will not fill a Census out a second time because of possible fraud in counting my information twice.

I can’t be the only citizen this has happened to. It likely has happened to millions of other citizens around the country. This is a huge mail problem we have in an election year.

This is absolute proof that your votes by mail for any election may get lost and never get counted as well. The only way to ever know if your vote even gets there is to actually vote in person. There is no other way to know — none at all.

The fact is; your vote by mail may never get there; just like they sa) my 2020 Census did not get there.

So put on a mask and go get in line Nov. 3 and vote in person if you really want to make your vote count. You can go vote safely. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Otherwise, you will never ever really know if your vote by mail ever got there, let alone got counted.


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