How about a thumbs up?

Regardless of its color, the fist has long symbolized power and contention. We shake it. We hit with it. We raise it in protest. Fist-using is a self-righteous act. It’s about my power.

But extend the thumb upward from that fist and you have a new symbol. Thumbs up symbolizes affirmation and encouragement. Thumbs up is a self-giving act. It’s about others.

I believe we could do more to solve racial tensions by changing our fists into thumbs up. Thumbs up does not have to mean agreement. But it can mean an affirmation of someone else’s point of view and a willingness to discuss our differences instead of becoming entrenched in them. Just a thought.

I would, however, like to offer a specific use of thumbs up. The “fist-shaking” at law enforcement in our country saddens me. The many are being dishonored because of the actions of a very few. I do not believe most Americans feel that way. I certainly do not believe most Marshalltown residents feel that way. So, I challenge Marshalltown to a “Thumbs Up for Law Enforcement” campaign.

When you see a law enforcement officer — police, patrol, sheriff — give a thumbs up! When you meet a law enforcement vehicle, roll down your window and give a thumbs up. When you pass a law enforcement vehicle . . . well, maybe not. You get the picture. And please, share this challenge on social media. Thumbs up to you all.


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