Speak up and save the Postal Service

Most of us frequently rely on the efficiency of the U. S. Postal Services, where a 50-cent stamp can mail a letter across the nation in just a few days. Well, not anymore. Our postal service is now another target of Trump cronyism and chaos.

In June, Pres.Trump appointed one of his major donors — Louis DeJoy, as Postmaster General. Since then, Mr DeJoy has announced that the mail arriving on time is not a priority any longer and he has made procedural changes to keep that from happening. DeJoy has eliminated overtime pay which has slowed down mail delivery by several days. Priority Mail that used to take two days can now take up to six days to arrive.

Could this have anything to do with the growing desire by 2020 voters to vote by mail this November — due to the pandemic? Could this be our President’s way of striking fear and doubt in the entire vote-by-mail process?

The U.S.Postal Service is an efficient, dependable service – up until recently. it fulfilled that mission. Now it has become another pawn in our election year politics.

This is a big concern and we are asking you to contact your Senators and Representatives and voice your opinion. Lets save our USPS!


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