How long will Ernst stay silent?

Senator Ernst — How does it feel to be called a “sucker” and a “loser” by the president?

Any chance you’ll call out this guy for denigrating and disrespecting current and former members of the military, especially those uniformed men and women who perished in their service to our country?

My father was a Korean War vet. So were both of my mother’s brothers. Each sustained life-long injuries from his service. My mother’s cousin spent the entirety of his adult life in the Veterans’ home in Marshalltown upon his return from serving in WWI because of the condition then labeled “shell shock.”

My cousin qualifies for full VA benefits because of permanent damage from exposure to agent-orange in Vietnam. My own spouse qualifies for full VA benefits because of permanent mental and physical injuries incurred in action as a member of the division of the U.S. Air Force deployed in the invasion and temporary occupation of Grenada.

My family members and those members of all American families who served or who currently serve in the U.S. military put their lives on the line for the welfare of this country. What, I ask you, has Trump put on the line for America of comparable value to life itself? Yet, he ridicules all those who, even like yourself, made and make the pledge “[to] support and defend the Constitution … [and] obey the orders of the President [and] of the officers appointed over me.”

Honoring that pledge demands the willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. Even the Presidential oath of office does not make such a demand of the Commander-in-Chief. How long, Senator, will you stand by and not publicly rebuke Trump for his most egregiously unpatriotic assertions?


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