Vote Thurston for Supervisor

Thomas Thurston would be a wonderful Marshall County Supervisor.

Here are my top reasons to vote for Thomas Thurston:

• Since Tommy started kindergarten, I have loved watching him grow from a wide-eyed, enthusiastic child to a diligent, earnest student to a responsible, hard-working and still enthusiastic business owner.

• Tom is committed to making Marshall County the best it can be for new business and families young and old. He and his wife, Kelli, have started two successful businesses. He understands the challenges of small business and will work to encourage small business.

• With his new, young family, Tommy has a special interest in quality child care and schools–two of the most important considerations of new families choosing where to live.

• Tom has pledged to encourage expansion of our parks and trails systems. Outdoor recreation is another top consideration of young families as they choose where to settle. Our current trail system is a popular, healthy amenity loved by all ages.

• Tom has also pledged to support Marshall County’s precious natural resources of soil and water. His training from Iowa State University in landscape architecture together with his life-long love of outdoor activities makes Tom well-qualified to judge how to best care for our county.

• Knowledge of our county resources will make Tom a logical, careful care-taker when it comes to our county infrastructure and the improvements needed. He will keep our county in top condition without spending unnecessarily.

• Tom’s business has caused him to hone skills in negotiation. Able to understand multiple sides of issues, he helps people with differing ideas come to agreement.

• Finally, Tommy and Kelli have a deep commitment to Marshall County. Their careers and their families are dependent on the well-being of Marshall County. We are fortunate to have thoughtful, energetic, bright young people like Thurstons who are willing to spend time making our county the best it can be!

Vote for Thomas Thurston for Supervisor. It is a vote for a newer, fresher Marshall County that will appeal to more young families.


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