Planned road still a problem

It seems that the plan to build the road for South Fifth Avenue continues to be a problem.

I am a registered nurse who works at the Iowa River Hospice Home. I can’t believe that this could even be an issue as it is proposed to go right through the ambulance patient unloading area, as well as the funeral home pick up area. Yes, it’s that close to the building.

In order for your loved one to enter the hospice home they would have to be dropped off in the parking lot and wheeled up a long sidewalk alongside the proposed road. This would include the people being picked up by the funeral homes in full view of the vehicles passing by. There is no other handicapped area accessible into the building. Your loved ones deserve more respect during their end-of-life circumstances.

There have been literally hundreds of people who have come to sign a petition that is against the positioning of this road. The hospice home was built from donations given by the people of this city and it’s surrounding communities. I would hope that the city council would have more empathy for their needs and find a better alternate route.


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