Trump is a con man

Sorry Mrs Dates, but the election is over and Trump lost and that’s very clear. As I read this letter from Mrs Dates I had to ask myself how can two people look at Trump and see two completely different people. Where she sees the “People’s President,” I see a narcissistic con man and the only thing he says “I love you, too” is a mirror.

Where she sees someone that has responded to this pandemic by shutting the borders as a method to stop the infections I see someone who has not met with the White House carnivorous team in months and thinks a quarter of a million people dead is a great job.

Where she see’s someone who has helped veterans I see someone who received five deferments to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War, if only my brother and I had a doctor to diagnose us with bone spurs. He also considers people who couldn’t avoid the draft and veterans as losers. Thank god we have a Space Force. I heard Capt. Kirk is ready to enlist.

Where Mrs Dates see’s someone who has been nominated for three Nobel Prizes, I say big deal. This is a quote from the Nobel committee “Any person or organization can be nominated by anyone eligible to nominate.”

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has no input into submissions, though it decides who actually wins the prize. “To simply be nominated is therefore not an endorsement or extended honour to imply affiliation with the Nobel Peace Prize or its related institutions.”

So no matter how many times he has been nominated he has never won one. I don’t like losers.

As for reforming our election process I could agree with that. I think our election campaigns should be paid for by the government – absolutely no outside money from from any sources and should be limited to six months before the election. Ever since the Citizens United decision in the Supreme Court, our country and politicians are beholden to who can donate the most.

I have heard the argument that he’s a great business man, with six bankruptcies to his credit. I don’t think so and believe if he had gotten a second term he would be on his way to a seventh.


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