Trump is ‘People’s President’

The election for President has already taken place. Whether President Trump remains for a second term is still not clear.

As Princess Diana is remembered as the “People’s Princess,” I predict Trump in later years will be remembered as the “People’s President.” No one has ever heard thousands of supporters in unison shouting “We love you” in the many rallies held.

“I love you, too,” he replied. “They come after me because I fight for you. I ran for President because I didn’t like the direction of our country.”

Remember, he closed the border to China and Europe when COVID posed a threat. He immediately formed a task force for a vaccine, therapeutics and ventilators in record speed. A border wall was built, stopping human trafficking and drugs pouring in.

He did prison reform, started business opportunities in inner city zones, saved the suburbs, many U.S. companies returned, rebuilt our military to the strongest ever, started “Space Force,” our special forces killed two of the most dangerous terrorists. He helped the farmers, moved our embassy and recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. He has been nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes and a peace plan in the Middle East is showing great promise between Arab countries. We have the lowest unemployment ever for all groups.

The Veterans Administration gave him a 91 percent approval rating. Anyone mistreating a veteran can be fired and a veteran can go to a private doctor for medical care with the government paying for it if the wait is too long.

He formed the “Right to Try,” allowing terminally ill patients to try drugs not approved, which has helped save lives. Three new Supreme Court justices are in place to follow the Constitution – not legislate from the bench. He did this and more to help better our country.

The vicious attacks began and continue. I believe it’s because he poses a real threat to many people drunk on power they don’t want to lose and want to control everyone and everything in time. President Trump wants the power to be by the people as originally designed by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

We must reform our electiohn process so everyone, regardless of party, can feel the results are correct. Only legal documents should be added and identification required for such asn important freedom we all share.


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