Stop invoking fear

I believe it is about time for the Times-Republican to reevaluate its role in society. The time has come for the publication to hire actual journalists, unbiased journalists.

I stopped regularly reading the publication due to the high level of personal opinions that littered each and every news report. Stop telling your readers what to think and report the actual, factual news. Stop treating the virus as a tool with which to control people. Do your actual research. It is not the way with which you portray it. You need to do better research and stop trying to invoke fear on people.

Stop babying the school district. It is just a bunch of whiny people who want to stay home and act like they are so put upon. People need to be reminded that these same teachers have chosen to stop teaching history and American pride and that is the reason for the fallout today against American pride. Remind people truths. Teachers have literally only worked three months since last March and seem to think they have been at the forefront of every issue.

Be a true publication and only report actual news. Not your opinions


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