Trump, GOP actions un-American

John Beisner


Our President and his Republican minions have demanded secretaries of state in several states throw out all absentee ballots in order to reverse Biden’s victory. Those secretaries of state, poll workers and election officials are reporting death threats. Armed mobs have gathered outside their homes to threaten. In fact, men were arrested for plotting to kidnap and murder the governor of Michigan. This is America in 2020. The GOP continues to stand by the President and those who would attack our democratic heritage. What we have in front of us is a coup attempt being fronted by President Trump and elected leaders who choose to assist or ignore these corrupt actions. So far, judges — many appointed by Trump — have thrown the law suits out of court as unsubstantiated and frivolous.

As President-elect Biden moves forward with the transition, he is faced with the Pentagon, the Department of Defense and our spy agencies being ordered to refuse to brief him. I thought the GOP is supposed to be the National Security party? Yet, they would allow Biden’s team to be unprepared when they take office, to face chaos? Is this the plan?


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