Capitol riot similar to Night of Broken Glass

Shame on the comments in the T-R Jan. 11 editorial “Worst day for Trump, Trumpists” by syndicated writer Pat Buchanan , thoughts by Rep. Dean Fisher on Jan. 12 and the Jan. 13 letter “Case of riotous chaos “ by Richard Hill of Marshalltown.

Pat never mentioned the death of the policeman nor of the 80 plus who were injured. He shamefully claimed it was “malicious hyperbole, establishment propaganda” to compare the insurrection to 9/11 or to the British to burning the capital during the War of 1812. Well folks, it was worse than that. I agree with former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger when he compared the insurrection to the Night of the Broken glass when the Nazi’s began to openly unleash their murderous mayhem.

In regards to Hill, it appears he was gleeful and thought that the “Big wigs” — I assume he means Congress people – needed a lesson. I wonder how many Trump supporters were giving each other high fives or saying to themselves “Right on” or “Give them a what for?” He claimed Democrats said nothing when violence erupted during Black Lives Matter protests. That’s not so. I am not going to excuse violence but as a Democrat, I sympathize with the extreme frustration and misery and anger Blacks feel after experiencing hundreds of years of systemic violence.

Today’s Black violence is a pittance compared to the violence whites have inflicted on Black folks since the first slave ship embarked on its way to America. By the way, let’s not forget the murderous genocidal and very fascist mayhem whites inflicted on the indigenous in this nation.

To be clear, the foundation of the marches led by Black folks were righteousness and spoke truth to power. Not so with the fascist insurrection at the capital. It’s foundation was based on a malicious lie spread by Donald Trump – a cold blooded liar, a con man, a hoodwinker and a Judas Goat.

Regarding Rep. Fisher comments about his side – white Republicans – having the guns, does he approve of the latest threat of violence by white extremist Trump supporters who plan to march with arms the day of Biden’s Inauguration? I thought it was a horrible mistake to allow citizens to openly carry handguns and rifles on the streets. Because of that very reckless legislation we are reaping the whirlwind.


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