Emergency Food Box appreciates community support

As we begin 2021, the Emergency Food Box Board on behalf of the volunteers and clients says thank you to the Marshall County community for the generous support during 2020 and the pandemic.

The Emergency Food Box is so grateful for being supported by such a strong hunger-fighting community. Individuals, businesses, schools, churches and other organizations have supported the food box ministry as they often dug deeply into their pockets with great generosity.

There has been a need for many changes to enable the EFB to serve the people with food needs during the pandemic. Daily the operations committee evaluated how to better serve the people. The hours and days open were adjusted to make sure volunteers were available and enact other changes to be more available for clients. To ensure safety, clients needed to be served outside. That made it necessary for volunteers to constru ct a shelter.

As we meet the challenges of 2021, we know that we can depend on the Marshall County community’s support. Again, thank you from the board and the clients who benefit from your generosity. May God bless you for your concern for those who need food during these unusual times.

If you are interested in making a donation, contact the Emergency Food Box at 641-753-0481.


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