Trump must be impeached

To Sen. Grassley, I am writing today to plead with you to please hold Donald Trump accountable by supporting impeachment. He has tried to throw democracy “under the bus” so that he can stay in power, with his false claims of an illegal election. You have to know that there is not one iota of proof of any election wrongdoing. Even your Republican governors and election officials have deemed these election proceedings as fair and just.

Trump’s phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State to try to force him to change the vote count should be impeachable in and of itself.

On top of this, Trump had been inciting his support base for months claiming fraud, etc., and this led up to the incendiary speech that emboldened his followers to storm the Capitol and threaten the very safety of our Senators and Representatives. People died! There have to be consequences for his behavior, and I cannot believe in a country where the President is above the law.

So restore my faith in you as a Senator and a statesman, by holding Donald Trump accountable.

Please do not say that impeachment is not the correct path to take because it will tear people further apart. For four years, the vast majority of Republicans have not done one thing to rein in Trump’s constant push to divide our country and our two parties. The vitriol towards Democrats or even any Republican who opposed him, is what has torn this country apart.

We do, however, need to impeach in a timely fashion, for the sake and security of our country. Trump must face consequences for his actions. Also, he should never be allowed to hold office again, nor be able to pardon himself. Republicans have many qualified and good people to run for office. You don’t need Trump. And frankly, I am exhausted by his tweets, his attacks, and his lies.

Mr. Grassley, this country has never been so divided since the Civil War. For us to heal as a country, we must convict the man who has desecrated the Constitution and the ideal of democracy. Then, and only then, can we move on.

Thank you for your time. My frustration and despair at the personal attacks against me as a Democrat are exhausting. I only hope you will listen with a human heart, not a political one.


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