Work together to strengthen families

In response to JIm Lamb’s letter that appeared in the Times-Republican on Jan. 27, I too ask for a plea for empathy.

As a person who believes in the value of every life, it is easy for me to empathize with anti-abortion activitists. But I do not support a return to the criminalization of abortion.

While it is difficult to obtain accurate records of illegal procedures, scholars agree that between 20 and 25 percent of pregnancies were intentionally terminated through abortion before Roe vs Wade.

The CDC placed the abortion rate at only 16 percent in 2018. From this data, one should conclude that making abortion legal has not caused the problem, and that criminalizing abortion will not solve the problem.

If we truly want to reduce the number of children killed in this manner, we have to change our society and make it a welcoming place for prospective mothers and fathers and their children. Abortion rates decrease when proper social safety nets exist — sex education, easy and affordable access to birth control, good paying jobs, safe, reliable and affordable access to child care, educational opportunities and the expectation that fathers and extended families will assist with child rearing.

If we work together to strengthen our families and our communities, we will see a decline in abortion.


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