Bill would prevent 1619 Project in classrooms

Thankfully Trump’s Republican right wing coup failed but the perpetrator Trump remains unpunished. With a huge percentage of Republicans still believing that the election was stolen by Democrat skulduggery and since I have not seen a huge public display of outrage from Republican religious and secular leaders, I presume they are unhappy that it failed and seem unconcerned that it could happen again.

We know that right wing Republican extremism still exists in the halls of government with the failure of those cowardly Republican senators failing to indict and impeach Trump. We also know that Republican extremism exists in Iowa’s state government with Republicans like State Senator Jeff Edler and Rep. Dean Fisher pushing legislation that undermine voting procedures and women’s reproductive rights.

We also know racism exists in the Iowa Republican led senate and house with them pushing a bill to prevent the 1619 Project that American colonialism was racist and genocidal from being taught in schools. The bill is called House file 222 which would ban schools, colleges, and regents institutions from incorporating the 1619 project or “any similarly developed curriculum” in U. S. History classes and would take away state aid from institutions that use it. The bill is sponsored by Republican representative Skyler Wheeler from Orange city.

For the average citizen House Bill 222 can be compared to the the Night of the Broken Glass when the Nazi regime went on the rampage destroying Jewish businesses and burning books to wipe out all segments of Jewish history and books dangerous to the Nazi ideal.

I’ve been reading comments from leaders in South and Central American nations who were similarly overthrown or attempts to overthrow their regimes by American led right wing coups. Incidentally those coups were sponsored by both Republican and Democratic presidents.

So in the final analysis, apparently Republicans feel any departure from right wing, dog-eat-dog capitalism, religious dogmatism and any history that would deflect away from white Supremacy and its effect on history must be silenced or overthrown by violence.


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