Republicans need to do what is necessary

Newly elected Congresswoman Hinson is going to fit in very nicely with Iowa’s Republican delegation as she is, of course, sounding the alarm about federal spending. I realize she wasn’t there with her Republican cohorts who, for the last four years, said nothing about the overspending by the Trump administration but, I assure you, she wouldn’t have said a word.

No one should be surprised by the recent fretful and dire warnings by Republicans of the dangers of the increasing federal debt. Of course, they always present “debt” as a threat to their grandchildren and the alleged threat of socialism, to create anxiety. Never, however, do they admit their culpability or that it’s a song sung every time a Democrat is elected president.

When Reagan and H.W. Bush were presidents they waged three wars (one illegal), played Santa Claus by giving huge tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest Americans while running up the debt with no opposition from Republicans.

When Clinton was elected, suddenly Republican became deficit hawks and screamed about the debt and called for a balanced budget.

When W. Bush was elected, back came the G.O.P. Santa Claus, cutting taxes for corporations and wealthy donors, started two wars, created a housing bubble leading to a massive economic crisis, while running up the debt, again, with no opposition from Republicans.

When Obama was elected, out came the deficit hawks and balanced budget demands.

When Trump was elected, back came Santa Claus on steroids by cutting taxes for corporations and wealthy donors with the result, the largest increase in the national debt for one term, with no opposition from Republicans.

Now that Biden has been elected, Grassley, Ernst and Hinson are calling for a balanced budget, spending cuts and worrying about their grandchildren’s debt in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression along with the totally inadequate response by the Trump administration to the coronavirus pandemic. There appears to be little concern by Iowa’s Republican delegation in dealing with evictions, unemployment, funding the vaccine distribution, providing for adequate PPE for hospitals and schools and stimulus checks. Instead, their mantra is “debt.”

Biden, wisely, is going ahead, governing. It’s time for Republicans to help do what is necessary for Americans and not raise barriers for governing –doing what Trump and Republicans should have done.


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