Appoint Joel Phillips

The Marshall County Board of Supervisors has a difficult task ahead. They will be looking to appoint a new sheriff.

Sheriff Steve Hoffman did a fantastic job as our sheriff. He was a tremendous leader and community partner. I am sorry to see Steve leave office. Thankfully, the leadership closet at the sheriff’s office is full and we have a clear choice to make when it comes to appointing our next sheriff.

Chief Deputy Joel Phillips has 19 plus years of experience as a law enforcement professional. Joel has also served our country honorably as a United States Marine. His experience at the sheriff’s office includes patrol, jail, investigations, and civil duties. He has excelled in all of these roles. Joel is a hard worker. He is honest as the day is long. Joel cares about his co-workers and the Marshall County community.

I have known and worked with Joel for the past decade. He has impressed me with his work ethic, his knowledge of the job, and his desire to do what is best for Marshall County. Joel has been a partner and friend for the Marshalltown Police Department. Joel has exceptional communication skills. He is an empathetic and passionate leader. For me, Joel has represented all that is good about Marshall County and the law enforcement profession. He is without a doubt one of the best law enforcement leaders I have ever worked with over the past 28 years.

Joel is always up to the challenges in front of him. He wants what we all want, a safe community for everyone to call home. He wants safe neighborhoods and schools. He wants Marshall County to be successful. He has always put in the work necessary to make these things possible. The best thing I can say about Joel, if one of my kids needed help, I would be happy to see Joel arrive on scene. He is someone I trust with my life and the safety of my family.

Chief Deputy Joel Phillips is not only the best option for the appointment to sheriff, he is in my mind the only option. I strongly encourage the Marshall County community to rally behind Joel. Call the Board of Supervisors and tell them to appoint Joel Phillips as Sheriff of Marshall County.


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