Stop bad bills

Last summer, after statewide protests, Gov. Kim Reynolds promised action to address racial profiling by police as she signed the More Perfect Union Act. So, what has she delivered since then? Nothing.

Reynolds and elected leaders from both parties have chosen to double down on anti-Black racism and white supremacy. They’ve refused to pass a statewide ban on racial profiling by police. Instead, they pushed three racist bills through the Iowa Senate.

SF 476 violates the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection by expanding on dangerous legislation that puts police officers above the law. SF 479, shamefully supported by every Senate Republican and nine Senate Democrats, removes local control and strips funds from towns that reduce their police budget. SF 534 makes drivers who injure protestors immune from civil liability, encouraging vehicular assault against people exercising their constitutional rights.

These bills are a clear attempt to punish young leaders with the Black Liberation Movement who have raised legitimate questions about Iowa’s white-dominated power structures and their consequences. Iowans deserve better leadership, and CCI Action members are fully prepared to vote out leaders who don’t listen to their constituents. If you’re ready to stop these bad bills, go to bit.ly/stop-bad-bills.


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