If you build it, they will come

My mother recently fell in her home and phoned me. When I arrived, I called 911 and within a few minutes first responders from MFD and Unity Point EMTs arrived. The four people huddled around mom, gathering information and her allergies so they wouldn’t give her something her body couldn’t handle. Within 10-15 minutes we were able to reach her doctor. They quickly gave her pain medication and had her in the ambulance. They were all very kind, knowledgeable and showed great empathy for mom.

Once in the Unity Point ER, a team assessed Mom, deciding what tests were needed. I mentioned to them about Mom’s one good ear – speak slowly, loudly and clearly as she was still very alert and wanted to know what was happening. They were so attentive to that information and their concern and professionalism were outstanding.

With six broken ribs and a great deal of pain, Mom was admitted to the hospital. The ER team relayed information and concerns to the nurses on the second floor. They provided the best possible care. They helped my sister and me feel comfortable as we sat with Mom through the night.

Mom’s advanced age, extreme pain and breathing difficulties just didn’t allow for her recovery. After two nights in the hospital she was taken to Heaven.

We wish to thank everyone who provided services to Mom. I rank the staff very highly and strongly encourage our community to take advantage of the healthcare services available here in Marshalltown.

If you build it, they will come. We will very soon have a new hospital and a new clinic. Take advantage of those services. If we want continued good healthcare services in Marshalltown, we must utilize them and stay local for our healthcare needs whenever possible.

Mom only lived in Marshalltown for 15+ years and during that time we had excellent care from Wolfe Clinic, McFarland Clinic, Walmart Vision, Downey & Gantz, UnityPoint Hospital and select physical therapy

I don’t want to name names as so many doctors, nurses and staff cared for Mom during these years. She made friends along the way and touched many lives. So, if you were someone who provided any of those services, I want to thank you and wish you well as you continue your dedicated work in Marshalltown.


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