Choosing the right tree in life

Sunday school stories taught us a lot about life and how we should live it. Whoever thought that choosing the right tree in the Garden of Eden could be a life-altering decision? Bible stories are metaphors for making sure we know what the right choice is and then make it. It wasn’t the fruit in the Garden that was tainted or poisoned, it was the person giving the wrong advice. Here, it was clearly Satan for everything he offers is a lie.

There is plenty of “Right Fruit” in the Garden, put there by God. It makes a huge difference who we choose to follow in this world. Since God created us, his intention is that we have fellowship with him. We see the mistake that Adam and Eve made. We learn that it is the wrong tree that changes us. Our tree-choice is a way of living that clearly reveals who we believe in. It is the choice to follow good people that is so important.

Our ancient parents chose to follow the ways of the world, not God. Because of their spiritual choice in that moment, we too are asked to make our own decisions. We are asked to choose the tree of life (God) over the tree of evil (Satan). We can see the mess that Adam and Eve got into with their choice. They did not realize that one of God’s Creation could, or would, lie to them.

Today, all our areas of communication are so terrible that only a Bible student knows what is the truth. There are many Satans loose and filling our ears and eyes with lies. The book of Revelation tells us that human life will end when there is chaos in four areas of living that affect us all. That is the church, the government, our money system and our own personal lives. When those areas are filled to overflowing with chaos, God says he will return to make all wrongs, right.

He can only recognize us by the choice we made. When God asked Cain where his brother Abel was, Cain responded, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” God answers, Yes, we are!

Where ever there is a need, we must help if we can. Keep watching. We should be prepared for his arrival.


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