What does science offer?

There was a very good article in the T-R on June 8. It was by Laura Hollis titled “No God, no science.”

She says the percent of Christians is way down in the U.S. She also says there is a strong correlation between higher levels of education and lower levels of religious belief. In my opinion, she hit on the reason the country is in such bad shape — the so-called intellectual elites chasing after science for answers to life.

God has rules on how we should live for our own good and the world’s good. Science puts no restriction on how man should live.

To all the academic intellectuals who follow after science, what do you do with the shortness of time here on Earth and the vastness of time waiting for us in eternity? If science is your God, what is it offering you when death knocks on your door? Trust in Jesus and God offers eternity in paradise.

Heads up intellectuals, the Bible says to seek God while He may be found.


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