Please appreciate people who help

More stories of businesses on Main might be interesting, such as Marla’s story as she stood on her feet for years performing her style of art on hair and still standing at more than 70 years old. She told me she had always wanted to live on Main so one day, a realtor friend who knew that showed her a business with an apartment.

Do we appreciate those who wait on us enough? They deserve a lot of thanks.

I will just add – when I was younger and was executive director of Red Cross, Vic Hellberg served on my board as chairman of Veterans Affairs and I leaned heavily on him. This was before computers and it was almost a 24-hour job with calls coming in during the night to obtain verification of a military grandfather dying and making arrangements for his homecoming. It reminds me when I first came to Marshalltown as a new bride and was employed by Security Bank and took the exchange checks to all the banks. Now that is handled by computers. Time changes things.

We need to be thankful for community-minded people like the Hellbergs, noting the fine job he did in raising funds for the Coliseum.


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