Invest in public services

I read with interest the article in which Sarah Tupper, Assistant County Attorney, asked the County Supervisors for authorization of additional funding for the Drug Court Program through the American Rescue Plan. I have understood that the Drug Court is a successful program demonstrating very good outcomes with the additional benefit of lessening incarceration rates. Iowa’s elected officials are boasting about the state surplus and what a great financial situation the state finds itself in. Because of this, they are looking to cut taxes and lessen the state’s future income. Yes, there is a surplus created in part on the backs of just such programs as Drug Court. When Tupper was asked why the Judiciary Branch isn’t funding Drug Court, her answer was, “In general, state funding for all programs has decreased and the judiciary is trying to make do with less money.” Many state departments are feeling the same crunch as Iowa has slashed services over the years. It is important to many of us to see more investment in the programs that benefit its citizens. The MPACT program here in Marshalltown is an example, but many services such as corrections, child care, natural resources, public education, and elder care could benefit. These are all services that keep us safe, healthy and content to live in Iowa.


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