Left not lawless

The headline on Laura Hollis’ editorial (Nov. 30) drew my attention to what was an absurd rant. Her second paragraph was exactly a map of right wing policies although blaming the left. She continues as she whines that capitalism is threatened when actually it often fails the society. This is demonstrated by gas prices, and the unwillingness of many to take jobs that seem less attractive following the pandemic.

Of course, she mentions the anti-vaxxers, simply a political segment of society who are actually causing harm, especially to themselves and those they potentially infect.

The left doesn’t sanction lawlessness. There is much greater lawlessness by right-wing folks. The Black Lives Matter demonstrations were surprisingly peaceful and necessary to awaken the complacent. The reference to shoplifting is a failure of youth who represent both political factions. However, theft by corporate entities seems to be overlooked as Trump’s refusal to pay his debts exemplifies.

As the right “rallies the troops,” I hope for more common sense. Remember, Iowa used to be the top in education and in the past two decades has reverted to mediocre nationally. Our three great public universities are being starved by our stingy legislature. The book-burners are emerging.


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