Making choices

In Deuteronomy 11:26, God tells his people that he has put choices in front of them, and us. If we choose righteousness, blessings are ours; if we choose to seek other gods, we are an unworthy people. Scripture tells us that changing a habit is nearly impossible on our own. It is so plain and simple, follow God and live, follow false deities and die. Each of us have to conquer, or fall to, the choices we make. That is the challenge of living.

Adam and Eve chose the right way but gave it up when temptation came around. One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is the ability to hear instructions from parents, or those in authority. From our birth, hearing and doing proved to be difficult, then almost unobtainable. The simple choice of choosing the right path in life turned into an illusive endeavor. Our choice seems to be unavailable because we could not see the end result of just being good.

Some of the things I had to struggle with were: 1. Getting up and going to school. 2. Being commanded to go to bed by seven. 3. When asking a question, having the family tell me to “be quiet” is just the way life happens. 4. No, you cannot have an allowance! 5. Having a teacher give an assignment, due in three months. 6. Having to walk a mile to school in the dead of winter; walking home for dinner and then back. When we lived within the boundaries of Eden (our relatives) saw the result of goodness because we were There! We lived blissfully with our creator. But along came an individual who showed us the seedy side of life. We gave up the good life because Satan clouded our understanding.

Adam and Eve are gone, now it is our turn to struggle with life. We have to make some choices; which way do we want to live? Well, we know from experience that change must happen. It will require us to move those obsolete events of our thinking to allow room for the important thoughts to fall into our minds. The bottom line is that change is impossible without God. What does the Bible say about change — humanly, it is impossible. If we made the right choices, no change is necessary.


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