The Fisher family legacy needs to be preserved

Two gentlemen recently, Harvey Varnum and Dick Naughton, wrote letters to the editor about not changing the name of the Fisher Community Center and the Martha-Ellen Tye Theater. I join my voice with them.

I remember Martha-Ellen Tye growing up in Marshalltown. We were aware of the family because they would come to Lillie Mae for lunch or to purchase chocolates, and also at the time we attended the Episcopal Church. I remember hearing so many times from different people how much they had benefited the community by their generosity.

Upon high school graduation Martha-Ellen Tye purchased from Hellberg’s a gift to each graduate. The gift was very nice, but the thought and time spent doing this impressed me for always. One time when Buck and I were owners of Lillie Mae, she came in, and I had the opportunity to let her know how much I appreciated what she and her family had done for Marshalltown and the theater in her name. She said with gracious humility “Remember, Georgia, I also get to enjoy this myself.”

Please do not change the names. History is important, and people need to remember the past and hopefully contribute to their community in good ways for the future — but never forgetting the predecessors who went before them and what they did to bless others.


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