Thoughts on proposed franchise fee

In reading the city council meeting article, I have some thoughts.

First, my 1000 sq ft. cottage has a budget billing of $183 per month not in the $130 range. Secondly, I question if the city has the right to access my utility bill that is provided by Alliant to me without my permission. I am well past retirement age and still work part time because everything costs so much. I’m hoping I can stay in my home.

Asking me to pay for city upgrades, that I probably won’t live long enough to benefit from, reminds me of asking me to pay for other people’s higher education. I think residents over a certain age should be exempt on either their primary residence property tax increase or franchise fee. Let the residents who will benefit pay.

I have asked and asked to have the teeth rattling bumps taken out of where I turn onto my street. I have asked a dozen times for speeding to be stopped on my street. I am talking 45 to 60 mph daily. One little car is a whoosh at probably 100 mph.

On weekends there are fewer cars but they go faster. I am afraid to walk my dog on the sidewalk at times. But, you want me to give the city more money. I want the city to improve my quality of life by enforcing the law.

Beaverdale just installed speed bumps. I’ve been told no, can’t have a stop sign and can’t have a speed bump. Really? Semis and heavy low boys disregard the no big truck signage at each end of my street.

DOT says they need a weight limit put on the signs. Anyway, as I said in my previous letter “tax and spend.” Do something for us now. Show us you care that the retirees stay and have an affordable life. We already have to shop out of town. I wish Penneys could have been incentivized to stay. Like the city did with Karl’s. It impacted many more residents of Marshall, Grundy and Tama Counties.


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