All opinions matter and need to be published

I read Pete Grady’s letter to the editor where he was critical of Randy Evans’ Op-Ed piece regarding the Marshalltown Library’s rejection of the Epoch Times newspaper and the American Rifleman magazine.

Grady incorrectly identified the source of the Op-Ed as coming from the Iowa Capital Dispatch rather than the Iowa Freedom of Information Council, for which Randy Evans is the director.

That’s an interesting mistake Grady made since the very name of the organization Evans represents was the point of his Op-Ed piece — freedom of information.

I’m not taking sides on the Epoch Times-Rifleman issue, but I was publisher of the Times-Republican for 33 years and I will take exception to Grady’s point that the T-R should not have printed Evans column or should have written a disclaimer on it after doing a “deep dive.”

Newspapers print thousands of letters to the editor and columns that they may or may not agree with but print them to allow everyone to express their opinions.

The Op-Ed piece by Randy Evans only reinforces that belief of all newspapers — that all opinions matter and need to published, just like Mr. Grady’s opinion.


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