CO2 pipelines a terrible idea

The recent article submitted by the Des Moines Register stating the downside of CO2 pipelines was spot on. What a terrible idea! And an accident waiting to happen!

Instead, we need more nature to take up CO2! What sense does it make to destroy what precious few remaining forests, prairies and wetlands to produce more (non green) ethanol — then make landowners put in these terrible things? Some people are even turning against farmers over this issue, which we should not do. Many farmers put in CRP and private woodland into permanent preserve (including yours truly) — tax free — a win-win, and do not mow roadsides, which we pay for with fuel tax.

It is the greeds who benefit most. We will gradually phase out fossil fuel down the road — pun intended — anyway. Let’s give farmers more incentive to preserve nature with tax breaks and to continue paid CRP instead of subsidizing corn and ethanol. Preserving and restoring natural area will ultimately create jobs and make Iowa a more desirable place to live, work and visit beside taking in CO2.


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