Police reform is needed

Is there any other country in the world where police have been given so much “favored status” in their laws as they’ve been given here in Iowa? Our Republican lawmakers made police “immune from most lawsuits and 99 percent immune from prosecution.” Only the State AG can decide if police can be prosecuted. Is it any different in communist North Korea or in any tyrannical country? It should be that every violent police action must be tried before a jury of UN-screened common citizens.

Some states passed “police reform,” but Iowa Trumpublicans went the very “opposite.” They get their election funding from police unions and such organizations. They don’t get any “funding” from the “victims of police gestapo actions.”

This letter is not intended to “eliminate police law enforcement.” We need them all the time. But there should be reforms in their actions, and some gestapo kind of personnel should be purged out.

Every occupation has some personnel that should not be in it. There are lots of bad ones in “trucking” and other jobs. I’ve even found two in “medical.”


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