What’s in a name?

When new life is born, someone chooses its name. Names are important because the child will be forever known by it. Parents and relatives spend many hours finding just the right word to reveal this child to the world. After all, this description will go with it forever. Who you are is the most important aspect of description. Scripture reveals that a good name is to be sought after! We must seek a good symbol because it will define us to the ages. The name we need to seek and emulate, Spiritually, is Jesus the Messiah. Searching and finding it will put us on the right track in life. Our first human relatives let God slip away. Through the ages, millions of other people did not seek Him either. This meant that God, who is love and forgiveness, had to do something about our condition. In chapter three, vs. 15 of Genesis, God said He would send a helper to do something about our lost-ness. That Good helper God sent was the Messiah, the only one able to restore us to the Creator. If we seek repentance and change our way of life, we can be restored. As I consider my own name, my parents told me they wanted it to respect some one in history as well as a family connection. I was named after the Old Testament Jeremiah and President Gerald McKinley. What I make of my name will be my testimony to the spirit given to me. Since my parents were folks who did not want special recognition, it was important that I keep a low profile growing up. It was not necessary for me to be recognized by anything except my faith and the family I represented. Worldly folks want to be recognized for what they have accomplished. The earthly needs of the unbelievers want recognition and publicity so they erect buildings or monuments that they might be recognized forever. Our recognition comes when we enter Heaven. Those people, called for Spiritual work, are not called to be famous, they are called to complete certain needs God has for his Kingdom.


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