We should feel safe on our streets and sidewalks

A few weeks ago Sgt. Paul Parizek of the DesMoines P.D. announced the department was cracking down on speeding and noise. He stated the reasons were safety and QUALITY of life issues. My neighbors and I have asked over and over for a way to stop the terrible speeding on May St. It has been awful. A diesel pickup I heard coming blocks away going about 70 mph, little white car going so fast it was unidentifiable, high school age kids in parents SUVs, a woman clearly texting and speeding, motorcycles flying by. This happens every day.

Sunday evening I was walking my dog and I was so disgusted I came back home. Then I saw the story of a man in Des Moines who was struck and killed on a sidewalk. I turn and look at every speeding car approaching. That makes a great walk.

I was told we can’t have stop signs because cars pulling away would cause excessive pollution. Everyone I have told this to responds with “Are you kidding?” Nope.

How much pollution are those speeding vehicles creating? 70 mph diesel truck flooring it past our houses. Just an excuse not to deal with it.

This is on the city, not just the police department. We should feel safe on our streets and sidewalks. The P.D. will never put the speed reading machine in our block. Not 2 blocks west. I have asked.

Plausible deniability? There are young kids riding bikes and scooters. I have seen some shoot across the street without looking. As homeowners and taxpayers our expectations are not unreasonable. My neighbors have lived here 48 years and have never gotten any relief from speeding. Use the revenue from the cameras to help us.


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