T-R Column: Giddy-up: from deep south to Central Iowa

Andrew Abadie

Where do I begin?

Well, my name is Andrew Abadie. I proudly hail from New Orleans, Louisiana, and yes that makes me a very proud Saints fan as well as a heartbroken one due to the recent seasons, but let’s not talk about that.

I fell into this career early on. As a kid, I wanted a job that never felt like a job and something that I could never get tired of. At the same time, I loved listening to Todd Graffagnini — the voice of the Tulane Green Wave, watching Al Michaels’ NBC coverage and sharing a love for sports with my parents. This culminated to me taking a journalism class that was offered in high school where I started as a sportswriter. As you guessed it, the rest is history.

My sports reporting career starts at The University of Southern Mississippi where I still study in my major of broadcast journalism, so yes, I’m technically still a college kid. At my college paper, I worked as a sports reporter and eventually took over as editor of the paper. Aside from that, in the last three years, I covered Southern Miss athletics and freelanced as a high school sports reporter where I watched some of the most exciting south Mississippi teams in recent memory.

While writing, I also hosted and produced two radio sports talk shows. One was for my college radio station and the other for the local Fox Sports affiliate. In addition, I hosted a podcast for one of Hattiesburg’s local newspapers, which focused on prep and college sports coverage.

A couple of important things to know about me is that I am a Tulane and Southern Miss fan. I am a huge college baseball and softball junkie which are two of my biggest passions. Along with that, I’m also a big high school and college football fan.

In my time here, I hope to fill the shoes of former assistant sports editor, Thorn Compton, who seems to have left his mark on this area. Although I can only hope to do that, I can promise you that I will do my very best to bring stories that are worth your time.  My goal is to find stories past the general gamer and capture what this region means to people and, most importantly, to help tell the story that is central Iowa and the Marshalltown area.

See you out there. Giddy-up.


Andrew can be reached via email at aabadie@timesrepublican.com, or followed on Twitter at @andrewabadie.